Minerva Academy of Lifelong Learning Presents:
Inequality Rising: The Nature, Causes and Consequence of the 
Rapid Increase in Social Inequality in 21st Century America
Are you stuck at home during the pandemic, growing tired of watching Netflix series, reading books, surfing the web? For over 20 years, David Peritz (PhD Oxford University, Prof. of Political Science, Sarah Lawrence College) has offered stimulating lecture series at some of the nation’s leading lifelong learning institutes and retirement communities, integrating a wide range of topics in contemporary politics, philosophy, culture, society and technology. His lectures are described as “dynamic…engaging…accessible...brilliant…systematic…deep…profound…informative and educational.” During the pandemic, Prof. Peritz is excited to be able to join you digitally at a time when it is not possible to assemble together safely by offering live lecture series available in real time via the Zoom online meeting platform. During these sessions, we will be able to see each other and have real time discussions and interaction from remote locations. The lectures will also be recorded and made available to subscribers via a dedicated website for members only.

The current pandemic is not only spreading along the fault lines that rising inequality opens but also accelerating and exacerbating unequal distributions of income, wealth, power, health and well-being. While it is impossible to deny the rapid rise in inequality in the United States over the last 40 years, understanding its causes and consequences has proved far more controversial. In this lecture series, we will survey the extensive literature on contemporary social inequality, taking in turn its economic, geographic, racial and generational dimensions. We will then turn to efforts to understand why inequality reappeared so suddenly, how it is affecting our society, and what kinds of policies we could adopt to reduce it if we conclude that it is unhealthy for us as individuals as well as for our society and democracy.

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Dates: Monday, April 27 and May 4, 11, 18 & 25, 1:00-3:00 pm EST (10:00 am- 12:00 pm PST)

Minerva will be developing future courses on a wide range of topics. If you would like to receive information about future Minerva Lifelong Learning lecture series but are not signing up for the current course, please email me at dperitz.minerva@gmail.com with your name and email address.
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About David Peritz
Prof. David Peritz (PhD, Oxford University) is a thought leader in the field of lifelong learning. His lectures and webinars cover a wide range of topics in contemporary politics, philosophy, culture, society and technology, and are described by those who attend or watch them as “dynamic…engaging…brilliant…systematic…deep…profound…informative and educational.” Prof. Peritz perfected his craft with over 20 years of experience, lecturing at some of best lifelong learning institutes in the nation (including OLLI UC Berkeley and SFSU and the Fromm Institute at USF) and also at many of the premier retirement communities in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. Prof. Peritz is the senior member of the Politics faculty at Sarah Lawrence College and has also taught at Harvard, Dartmouth, Cornell, UC Berkeley, and Deep Springs, and has won numerous teaching awards.
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